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Over 350,000 marine mammals die each year entangled in fishnets


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Learn how to save at least some of them


Send out information about Bycatch

Download NetGuard Mobile App to Help Reduce Bycatch Worldwide

  • Download the Netguard Mobile application for iOS or Android
  • Send out information about Catch or Bycatch

Netguard Pingers

The smartest. The smallest. Zero Compromises.

Advanced Case Design

• Handcrafted durable case with rope for easy net attachment tested for underwater operation of up to 1000 meters in depth

Wide Sound Spectre

• Sound emission in the 3 ÷12 kHz and 62 ÷ 72 frequency range

Fully Programmable
• Sound Sequence
• Ping duration
• Sound pressure
• LED lighting

See full specifications


• Operates with a single 1.5 V alkaline or a 3.6 V Li-Ion battery (type C)

Wireless Connectivity

• Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) for connection with a smart device

Auto ON/OFF Switch

• Capacitive touch sensor for water detection

OTA Firmware Update

• Pinger firmware updates over Bluetooth

Self Reporting

• Self-reporting over Bluetooth of three parameters:

• Pinger ID
• Last underwater stay
• Accumulated underwater stay
• Battery level
Full Specs
Research & Development

For Scientists and Environmentalist

NextLab Sound Composer Application for Netshield Programmable Pingers

  • Download the NextLab Sound composer mobile application to experiment and create your own sound sequences and load them into the Netguard programmable pinger

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